Thames Agri Research Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Thames Agri Research Pvt Ltd

Our obligations extend to farmers. 

We believe in pursuing with worthwhile innovations because our customers deserve the best products and services possible.

Our products are tested and their safety has been confirmed by third-party experts and regulatory agencies. 

Our solutions in soil health, seed treatment, crop protection, pest management, Thames Agri Research Pvt Ltd also offers effective post-harvest treatment that has ensured smooth supply and trade in agricultural commodities. Our products and solutions are directed to secure returns for farmers on farm inputs while adhering to the company’s policies that aim for environmental safety and sustainability. 

Our world is gripped with uncertainty of weather, scarcity of resources and natural balance that is tipping too fast. With mounting pressure to preserve, regenerate and increase the natural vegetative covers, absorption of carbon dioxide and increasing need to ensure food security, farmers and their land both are stressed. With an inevitable rise in the world population, the availability of arable land is shrinking and the demand for food is increasing. 

Thames Agri Research Pvt Ltd identifies the need of farmers and optimize the profit from their existing cultivate land. For propagating food grains from limited land and water resources, we need to treat each input with utmost care and efficiency. 

Looking at each piece of land that is cultivated with multiple possibilities and opportunities, we work with farmers to nurture each square meter of soil and secure each litre of water, to preserve the needs of future demand. We bring the best in all farm inputs beginning with soil, seed, crop care, and post-harvest too. 

We offer solutions based on the needs and practices of the farmers in different parts of the world. Products are created after studying the requirements of the soil, plants, and seeds, in varying soil conditions, in different climate and regions, where farmers vary and so do their practices.